4 Bathroom Additions That Make Your Room Pop

Many people think of the bathroom as nothing more than a room for showers and toilet breaks, but it can very well turn into an amazing part of the home, complete with the fun decor and style that you want. A well-decorated bathroom accentuates the entire time. And, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create this magical bathroom. Read below to learn four of the bathroom additions you can add to make this room pop.

1- Add a Vanity

A bathroom vanity is a focal point of a bathroom. It holds the sink and oftentimes, cabinets underneath. The vanity may also include other extras, depending on the model selected. Add bathroom vanities st charles county mo to your bathroom and not only do you add an amazing style, you also save space.

2- Add a Shower Door

It’s time to do away with the shower curtain and install a shower door instead. A glass shower door turns an ordinary room into a sophisticated, stylish, easier to maintain room. Many glass door options allow you to easily create the room of your dreams.

3- Decorations

A few decorations placed in the bathroom is all that it takes to give the room personality. Choose a color and a theme and add items such as clocks and bathroom-themed wall art to the room to get the lavish setting that you desire.

4- New Flooring

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Many people forego replacing/updating the flooring in the bathroom. Do not include yourself in this category. When you add new flooring, you update an old, outdated look, improve damages and aesthetics, and increase home value. It is a winning situation for any homeowner.

There are endless ideas that help update your bathroom and create a lavish, lovely room. The four ideas above are the start of those ideas. Are you ready to recreate your bathroom and add style to your home?